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Abby Collection ~ 锦灰堂


Abby Collection is an online fine artworks and antiques collection gallery,  from a group of close friends around Great Vancouver and Fraser Valley as the board members here, not only showing what we collected in the past decades, but aiming to build up an online arts gallery as an initial gear-up, then gradually forming a local art museum standing in the west coast of Canada as our commission and pursuing goal. We may hardly achieve as one like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York? but we will definitely have one with our own best efforts and collections to reflect the west-coast-specific history and its essences.


As Canada and the US are both immigrant countries, multicultural heritages and processes are always the backbone and characteristics of our communities and traditions. With an appreciation of so vast beautiful artworks and continuously renewed skills and energy, we come in common sense that it should be the road-map of our collection and museum gallery to gradually concentrate on our local historical cultures and estates, like Mennonite culture and Aboriginal culture as well as Buddhist Culture, etc. We may just be a little small star, but we will make our efforts on it to reflect the shining from all the glows and dreams brought and inherited from Europe, Asia, Africa...every corner over the world. Again the commitments and of Abby Collection.


Nowadays,  antique and vintage collectibles are no longer meant just to fill space and serve their practical purpose, they are recognized as decorative works of art, focal points and conversation pieces around the house. In other words, they are now treated for what they truly are: things of beauty. Quality pieces of art that have survived a bye-gone era where the quality of craftsmanship was exceptional and mass production was virtually unheard of.


An antique fills a space with charm, elegance, and grace like nothing else. It’s little wonder that designers and collectors alike search the globe to find just the right piece. Now that e-commerce has become mainstream, you can shop from your home, whether it be in London or New York, and purchase a piece from us here on with the ease of a click of the button. Any posted items except those under "Museum" catalog are open for offers and welcome for inquires. We treat each inquiry quickly and efficiently to ensure that you know what your buying before it arrives at your home. We send additional photos and are happy to discuss anything, to help you with the online buying process which can be difficult at the best of times. We organize shipping to any corner of the world.


As we keep collecting, and now begin online sales/auctions, as well offer open exchanges to make constant contributions to Abby Museum. Yes, we do buy and sell antiques, and open for inquiries and offers to items lists here,  any exchange requests are welcome as well, always binding to the commitment to fair trade and customer satisfaction. We also provide free antique appraisal services, any collectible items, artworks, vintage or antiques you are not sure of the history or value, we can help with this and it is free! we have several members over three decades experience and two with CPPA certificates. Of course we also accept donations as one of the sources to accumulate collection series with great appreciation to all support from our communities, any donated item being received we will issue our unique authentication certificate with all relative details if its composite value is above our museum entry-level after being appraised by our experts based on its age, material, popularity, and respective history value), and if not, we will send a notice to the original donor and put it to our online auction platform if approved, all sold as it's, generally we only keep 15% of the sale plus tax as the commission, the rest will be transferred back to the original donor along with our Donation-Appreciation-Certificate as to the support of Abby Museum.


Life is good, antiques make it beautiful, sharing enhances its glories and respects. Even with decades of experience we still have to keep constant learning and getting refreshed every day. As time changes, antiques and collectibles continue going on and on....hereby we hold our beliefs,  the real-life treasure is love, always and forever... Thank You for looking at our gallery.

Any questions or Inquires, Please feel free to send us online feedback or email:,, 

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