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Abby Fine Arts, Antiques, and Collections


Abby Collection is an online collection gallery mainly for fine arts and antiques,  not only to  show what we collected in the past, but also to track down, disclose, and demonstrate the cultures behind of them as well as various point of views people looking at them. Along with several close friends interested in joining together, now we want to develop it as a shared community assets and business.

With an appreciation of so many beautiful things and renewed skills and energy, gradually have gradually come in common sense that we want to concentate on our local historical cultures and assets, like Mennonite Culture and its heritage antiques, which has done the most contributions to many local communities among the Canadian society culture as a whole, as we know Canada is known for its multiculturalism, the cultures from Europe, Asia, America, Africa, covering every corner in the world. That would also be the characteristics and commitments of Abby Collection.

We buy and sell antiques , and open to any exchanges, we are willing to add contributions to any existing museums in very low rate ( it could be just what we cost for ),  always binding to the commitment to fair trade and customer satisfaction.

With the launch of the first Abbycollection website in 2007 and our first online store in 2015, Abby collection offer expertise and a great sales record; 

In the modern era, antiques are no longer meant just to fill space and serve their practical purpose. Antique and vintage collectibles are now recognized as decorative works of art, focal points and conversation pieces around the house. In other words, they are now recognized for what they truly are: things of beauty. Quality pieces of art that have survived a bye-gone era where quality of craftsmanship was exceptional, and mass production was virtually unheard of.

An antique fills a space with charm, elegance and grace like nothing else. It’s little wonder that designers and collectors alike search the globe to find just the right piece. 
Now that e-commerce has become mainstream, you can shop from your home, whether it be in London or New York, and purchase a piece from us here on with the ease of a click of the button. Any list items are open for offers and welcome for inquires. 
We treat each inquiry quickly and efficiently to insure that you know what your buying before it arrives to your home. We send additional photos and are happy to discuss anything, to help you with the online buying process which can be difficult at the best of times. We organize shipping to any corner of the world.

Life is Good, Antiques make it beautiful, Sharing brings glories and respects. Even equipped with decades of expertise experiences we all need to keep learning  and get refreshed constantly. Time changes, antiques and collectibles go on and on, what we hold and share here is,  the real lifetime treasure is love, and always, and forever!

Contact:, ( change "#" to @, please). Text: 1(778)#308#6164.

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