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Abby Collection 锦绣堂


Abby Collection is an online fine artworks and antiques collection gallery,  from a group of close friends around Great Vancouver and Fraser Valley as the board members here, not only showing what we collected in the past decades, also aiming to gradually build up an online arts gallery, and if everything goes well, we may achieve to setup a physical art museum for our local communities, this could be our long term goal /commission as we find there is no one significant art museum in the whole west coast within beautiful British Columbia, we may have some small ones but none of them  outstanding with series of full catalogs.

Canadian history is short, but it out-stands its own multicultural characteristics over other countries in the world. Take Fraser Valley in the west coast area in British Columbia for example, years of years of immigrants coming here have greatly enrich the local cultures and traditions, Mennonite culture from Europe, Buddhist Culture from Asia, Aboriginal culture from domestic traditions.......As for those who love vintages and antiques collection, will soon find themselves easily get lost in the ocean of enormous artworks and handcrafts from lots of heritages, and the most attractive highlights may be the enormous new knowledge and skills pouring into the brain everyday. Enjoyment always comes with sharing. Thus here we come together, aiming to make our communities more and more beautiful, delightful and attractive~~The Abby Art Galley and Abby Museum Project. Nowadays collection are no longer just to fill space and serve their decorative purpose. As Art of works, now even divided into hundreds of detailed catalogs,  totally beyond just conversation pieces around the house. In other words, they are now treated for what they truly are: things of beauty, quality of handcraft. Those high level pieces even survived a bye-gone era where the quality of craftsmanship was exceptional and mass production was virtually unheard of.

"Life is good, antiques make it beautiful, sharing enhances its glories and respects."  Even with decades of experience we still have to keep constant learning and getting refreshed every day. As time changes, antiques and collectibles continue going on and on....hereby we hold our beliefs,  the real-life treasure is love, always and forever...As we keep acquiring new stuff, and now begin online sales/auctions, as well offer open exchanges of items and donation to make constant contributions to Abby Museum. Yes, we do buy and sell antiques, and open for inquiries and offers to items listing for sale here,  any exchange requests are welcome as well, our online transaction binding to the commitment to fair trade and customer satisfaction. We also provide free antique appraisal services, any collectible items, artworks, vintage or antiques you are not sure of the history or value, we can help with this and it is free! we have several members over three decades experience and two with CPPA certificates.

We welcome any support from any sources, no matter just a message or any pieces contributed to this Gallery. As a donor one will be added to the List of Abby Museum Foundation and issued with certificate, all gifts, no matter the size, no matter cash or items, will go to work for this community project. We appreciate your generosity! as one of the sources to accumulate collection series with great appreciation to all support from our communities, any donated item being received we will issue our unique authentication certificate with all relative details if its composite value is above our museum entry-level after being appraised by our experts based on its age, material, popularity, and respective history value, and if not, we will inform the original donor and put it to our online auction platform if approved, all sold as it's, the payment minus the tax will be sent back to the original donor along with our Donation-Appreciation-Certificate for the support of Abby Museum.  For those would like direct online donation, following this secured link ( will direct you to Paypal secure link), please include the necessary info for us to get in touch with you.

Thank You for looking at our gallery. and we are happy to answer any inquires.

Abby Art Galley, Abby Museum,,, 1-778-381-6164

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