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Qing Mirror Oil Painting

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Open to inquires, exchange or sale :,
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% W2 T# d' J7 j, T1 s
8 I' z6 I, t6 I% QQing Mirror Oil Painting9 O" B% X' {2 W! p$ {* a) t% S

( a. [4 Z+ d6 s) rEVERSE PAINTED BEAUTY: 0 X! M' r2 x- ]) `( j1 _* E' ^
A beauty rests her chin on her hands with a lantern behind her and scrolls at her feet. Detailed draperies and screen. The bottom features lotus flowers and leaves. A painted screen behind her is painted with a mountain and village. Has a brass hanger.
. i& p  M$ L% N% D% b21 1/2" X 14"   V9 `9 m+ I! w# j& a' L
1 F' D# @+ K' y; v1 k
: t: N+ C! C4 i5 b/ z3 \8 F$ z
& [# s* @) ]! d# b  M8 UProvenance:estate auction of Samuel MacDonald, a Pennsylvania collector8 z8 ~% I5 J; r" K
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 Author| Open to inquires, exchange or sale :,
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$ x  K, {. F' Q. E& s. X- u! p2 P3 w- o7 Q9 P- u+ j5 E6 A" T' ]4 ^
VERY RARE CHINESE REVERSE PAINTING ON SILVERED GLASS, 18TH CENTURY, Attributed to Spoilum5 }5 m; b9 k/ @- J; e; ^) W+ l

  P1 d' O2 K9 v ... h-collection-n09466. o& A2 V0 b- R: \' Y$ A/ e; E1 F

% d$ W# l+ ?9 F; Y1 |6 O# V2 r; d5 h- P$ T. G1 U

2 H& }( ]2 o& F+ w/ | ... k-collection-l07300
! ^) ~" q. ?& ?7 E& r9 d% t) KA pair of Chinese reverse painted mirrors8 t( p- v& R- ^& _( K  m
the centre panels Chinese, third quarter 18th century, the mirror frames George III circa 1775% S) S! C4 U* o3 o5 x* p; I8 h
Estimate  40,000 — 60,000  GBP
* B% a# B7 d1 o3 D" q: e LOT SOLD.        90,000 GBP ! w# O! m5 K: x# ]0 C* w% `
4 x) t8 l- {0 T+ H1 g: n# b

/ h5 f7 Q0 B% q3 a4 a" ~  T
, t% r1 d0 M: K$ p1 N
1 h# Z3 ^6 c9 x  U# P# ~A CHINESE EXPORT REVERSE MIRROR PAINTING1 r0 H* {8 V- x2 C( y: N3 b
, p! H9 h1 N) l# s' h
* S7 j! V) t8 y4 |2 r% S8 y1 Z
' z) n* _" B! Z( a
. Z+ q& b; A% Y/ _5 ^5 f& z

Price realised

6 x2 h4 \% y4 E3 s  ~( w+ Y$ L
. h/ i' w1 h! ^4 T/ d

USD 50,000

7 ~- f3 R" {. @% O8 j* ~

- B: p1 ]9 i5 y7 q/ p9 o; G


8 l; g, {* a3 u6 R* M' Z0 J* `# K
. w3 m6 f' k# W
USD 20,000 - USD 30,000, T# w2 J1 X8 O, q! t6 J8 K
$ q* J& G8 W3 n" A2 r

. S; K& }9 v6 j' X0 ?1 j+ O4 }# N* x0 R0 a( b. F& j) y

" t- H2 O- X6 E; ~' w, K- ~[size=1em]

5 V$ r, }4 V9 s5 ]4 u8 H7 r0 ^" L2 s/ y7 G) m5 R' l

& o; X, B3 j, [5 A* R+ o0 L+ n9 Q  [0 |: c3 W
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