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Japanese Imari Teapot and Plate, Edo, 18Th C

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Japanese Imari Teapot and Plate, Edo, 18Th C
+ ?& R) `4 k& O" \- cThe porcelain showing typical light-apple-green appearance, which demonstrate its superior in materior.9 R3 r1 l  X$ R$ Z$ W

, `3 T/ s5 N' r6 |+ kThe Doucai glazing demonstrate uits excelent in workmanship, thin and tighten compared to egg shell.% ]: ^1 \- E% A/ I$ k( F* ~4 l; g6 a
4 K7 V2 ?& Z0 k* Y$ ]
No mark.) g, S1 Y0 P' }& S* e: j  ?

7 |2 ]# k& E% k1 D abby0219_30.jpg abby0219_38.jpg ) h( O$ [1 `. o) W$ N/ b5 H: p
% ]8 E) x  T( J/ W3 E/ t3 j
- M" Y  X$ T6 g" t+ y6 i+ K
. W( e  l% ]) y- V# a

% e( G! z5 _2 p3 Q7 I# @: O' `0 i6 u6 t

4 [) o4 }6 j% {( j$ O. P7 h: G" Z8 E+ _$ }* Z6 j, P
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NHK ~ Begin Japanology ~ Imari Porcelain ~ [KWEENSPLIFF]* b% M  |. w1 j! Q

# G5 F; i9 x3 y" J# ~
0 h! O3 M  f% R0 h: w3 M
 Author| Open to inquires, exchange or sale :,
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Further reading:0 Z( ~" x/ b* s" y& y- L

+ U# t7 i6 ]9 W( qCulture Insider: How to distinguish doucai, wucai, famille-rose and enamel porcelain/ `* l3 g/ A$ T" y, v5 m- D
4 y$ \6 T! O  O3 ? ... tent_19375896_3.htm% X' s' b( Y6 i! R( p

9 H- g! X1 O7 _" C
% w! t2 ]# t3 r1 U' E7 G- \. L* I
: _# f- o' U9 e: R4 {$ F# q- g1 H$ |( O8 e( s$ r

: O' Z. N; \* _$ N1 c+ e: ~% H/ q/ b: n4 e, t
$ ]7 Q; Z/ r, \9 Z) m' S2 x

; A- x% f- \& ~* y- n/ P: Q+ t
, o, h2 U, v. D+ G4 o( a
, D) l6 U( V5 a/ r3 w8 k- ~
8 c( K7 t, N. |7 S! P* \: y" i8 y3 G. H3 |3 z* o( c3 [2 b
5 t9 R% N' a* m) `0 T1 l
% H$ N: m6 D1 I* O- d
% r* e9 G: D: H3 u) s# @
2 ~/ u: j8 E1 Z, a
. f6 d, o- v8 g) y! s
/ ]% V& P5 j6 E) t$ A+ ~& u6 }: i
" Y* y( L0 C) X# Q  S9 V

1 |! N* G# v7 h0 t* k& D
7 s5 q) U0 j$ a2 S; `3 [- l; g: P' t) K+ E1 T, Z6 v+ u/ w. D
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