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Abby Collection 锦绣堂

BS29029_Two Framed Color on Silk Lady 镜面绢本水彩仕女两幅

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Open to inquires, exchange or sale :,
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3 x( e7 M' m) Y( |& m% t- H
  F/ w" ]8 \( k( B/ x1 D19.5x25cm BS29029-4.jpg ' L/ t) d- _: i. y( i
6 n5 p& [& D9 p. X
BS29029-3.jpg   V6 N/ J5 e* F2 ~) [3 C5 Q
; `4 L. E0 b0 J9 F, P
8 V4 u) b1 L' w5 p; i
5 q0 }( g+ @/ d1 y& u BS29029-1.jpg
/ M# s) b7 A, u+ C7 }2 C) d( B3 v* G1 W: Z' p5 J5 ]) C

* {8 d( X) j+ R9 l' |" W) B1 b
& w# C1 l8 G% m: `* h6 a- k: X& L; ~; s3 O. I8 L

: H9 [  l, M, z; b+ j1 t# L" h) v5 ~/ |6 P
+ S0 k7 M' y" B2 z, W- L6 _

  e; n/ ~$ v! A0 ?# J+ @% k; K9 M4 N. J9 g5 Z$ y" x
. f' j. C4 w' I
. S' P1 j) R: Q5 J% e

( o; `6 G8 A7 d7 E( v0 Z% @! t& A" ~5 ?3 N* B% F0 X6 j! P
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