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Thailand Boxwood Buddha Statue ~BS29035_泰国黄杨木镂雕双佛造像带底座

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Thailand Boxwood Buddha Statue ~BS29035_泰国黄杨木镂雕双佛造像带底座.
8 Z3 F0 B+ a% K# I- W% p
Height: 45cm,  Width: 13cm,  Thickness: 4cm

+ }" L5 S( l/ d) Q
, m; V( E1 Z7 n: l$ B$ n8 Z: d9 ~" V* A

" L8 N1 ~. }# p  t! p

2 `: _' i" C1 T" s. y8 g8 d5 N" d

+ X: d/ U) Y- z) |* d
! @) B: E  E8 {. D% W
9 ~6 t- T" ^) u' @; D  |

2 h1 Q2 c+ @$ ~/ f0 j* K! q4 \! u8 {
5 C  P4 {; G& h2 J1 ^4 x$ m( L% [

# i) f( c& q2 f

3 E: e8 k$ @& c8 m8 u) s) ]6 c1 d6 f% ?5 L7 |6 r
% W5 Z6 K- q( Y8 Y3 B

0 Z8 n) V- V2 \: |" k" H2 g* O( v; u
+ o' L7 v, @3 Z; O
. v3 t$ B! v0 z# v* H  L

, t- f/ Y1 m4 b% y1 x7 g+ W1 ?8 Y/ h' M3 H/ H" d' X

9 g& o; d3 g0 W2 _/ p8 U5 [: j

3 y) I9 g, ~+ p/ t1 J% p* y
, p9 U" R, }$ p! F) f
2 t5 x$ |; k8 g, i+ E8 I$ @) B8 H) h8 v# q. ]# g& \2 U

$ [' m7 a- k/ k5 j; `5 v5 c
$ \% y  B9 Y# @1 h5 o" |9 n! @. R/ C# F: a

6 G( g' J8 k  n( R% ]) w5 m/ D$ h: H2 f! |' r
  q4 g7 ?& D' G

8 G) R) o9 J+ q
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Visitors  Post time 2019-08-02 13:20:22

Thailand Boxwood Buddha Statue BS29035_泰国黄杨木镂雕双佛造像带底座

It seems the height of hypocrisy that a so-called "humble" Buddhist monk would want to be worshiped and remembered so much that he would have his remains hidden inside a statue of the Buddha.

However, its possible that his followers decided on his fate instead.
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