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[Jadeite] A pair of Chinese jadeite foo dog figurines

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Open to inquires, exchange or sale :,
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Vintage Chinese Foo Dogs Jade With Wooden Bases; D* J1 e, H& {; `, g/ h: W
; e1 l7 z1 ]( j6 R9 U" Y
33912953_1.jpg * o6 W- t$ O7 x5 j6 j. a% t, u
0 k- k) S6 ]# Y3 U& Y

; f# H. x5 ]. [7 A* a) F3 m' g) Z# H# g
3 _8 E6 U, v8 S0 W2 EProvenances: Local antique market, Mad Picker Auction. 2019/07/30
$ W; d9 N: R$ }) R5 n4 G- M$ ?" r

8 e' v4 q6 L4 O! O) D& M~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4 X9 ?; o. E8 J* Q+ I2 n

! N# e" L! c7 V$ b! G/ w3 H' k
& X5 w. d- W1 j& i/ {Reference / Comparision:
7 b) C& E2 j" k9 e4 @" \( ]2 n一对翡翠狮子摆件。2 u/ y9 w, n) ]: B8 I2 D4 y. G
  a1 B8 w8 b; f3 p( Q+ k p, d7 l4 j8 y" T& M" N" V* q

1 o5 B& b7 r3 a
- T8 W+ v( P5 @" t4 m* Z: s0 W6 j# n+ v5 }% X  S
. @! ]$ o5 B: w3 W- z4 u. m% V; y9 M3 G. B1 m) o

/ C/ p) g+ @: ~: ^翡翠狮子(一对)
% |. |' ~& w$ c5 s+ }编号137
, G1 N$ q3 t( A6 y

" T4 |& K' X; H. L) y【成交价】单位RMB4 q% P, f5 w3 s8 G* O  P
- s3 P; R9 ]( n% v: ]; \
  • 尺寸:9.2×6.5×16cm
  • 年代:
  • 日期:2013-10-17; C$ C8 ~& V5 S* V

( }$ o$ o% ]  t+ T" j描述:
% e0 p$ M9 P1 S" L) B7 i7 ^1 Y" u2 f% z5 K# E6 |
9 e# e1 Y. J  ~& J0 K0 s. X- T
* N/ }' _8 Y9 |$ ]  D1 K

" a) {/ Y# O1 D( I" Z4 V) A8 e拍卖时间:2013年12月01日 13时27分
4 r, @0 b+ e; e拍卖地点:南京维景国际大酒店  D- E9 R( F+ c7 U2 \

7 O& G, j/ G5 z+ z) A3 _
& s5 A8 z7 N8 E  A. [* E

+ ~2 |3 |$ C+ r6 I
6 \' \' R! K) J/ I- u+ V: T2 z+ N9 [: f' p: D$ n
* i* t! c% J4 S9 p3 j# O& Q# V
$ a! M) M: u) n" T% m7 ^

' K$ W6 d) T& @7 N7 [
' [& Z: s6 R& Z9 }
6 I! L# y$ j. o  U" d2 g  ]* o% T8 p# x9 K; P. m4 O+ ^

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 Author| Open to inquires, exchange or sale :,
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Size: same" H* ?9 i" _2 K2 u3 h

% o7 T# Q" \6 }Color and Brightness: A little bit different about the colour but the brightness is almost same~
& s6 \+ A* j3 g, Q) |1 E
0 G, t( Y( d+ t- \+ C! D, `- F
1 J7 C# f) O, G& W2 x- d! b4 ? 33912953_1.jpg
9 p+ V4 [3 x3 `" x7 h5 ` s_525f905747f62.jpg
4 k3 h6 d. B4 j% M4 a( ]# J8 K. S# l3 J# i
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